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Road Cycling Holiday

The best road cycling holiday near the Sierra Nevada - Andalucia - Spain

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Below you will find the frequently asked questions (FAQs). If your question not is listed, please ask it by email: [email protected].

1. Are the rides not too heavy or too easy for me?

The rides are easy to reduce or enlarge. Even during the rides we can shorten or extend them. Also the number of climbs we can adjust depending on your level because if you want we can go up to 2500 meters! Daily we inform you about the rides and you can indicate your wishes. It’s your holiday right?

2. Is it not too hot to cycle in southern Spain?

In the area of the Sierra Nevada, large temperature differences between day and night arise due to the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada. This significantly lowers the temperature at night and during the day the temperatures will rise. As a result, in summertime (July/August), it’s wonderful to cycle between 8:00 and 14:00 followed by a Spanish lunch in a local restaurant. In the remaining months of the year you can go all day long. For more info about the climate click here.

3. How do I get to the hotel?

Fly to Malaga or directly to Granada (British Airways has direct flights to Granada) and rent a car or come by bus. There are direct bus lines from Malaga airport to Granada. Click here for bus schedules. Further, this click here to find more flights directly to Granada. Within an hour and a half of the airport of Malaga, you will be at your hotel. Please note that Road Cycling Holiday in Spain offers a pick-up and drop off service at the airport of Malaga for € 75 p.p. one way and of the airport of Granada or the bus terminal for € 25 p.p. one way.

4. Is it possible to come alone, as an individual?

Of course it is also possible to come alone, the price will be slightly higher as the packages are based on two persons bedroom. If you prefer a private room to a supplement of € 140 (for a week package and the Pico Veleta Special) and € 60 (for a weekend package) will apply.

5. I would like to bring my own road bike, is this possible?

It’s possible to bring your own road bike. Please check with your airline, as carriers have different rules about transporting boxed bikes. Usually, this info is on the website of the airlines. Some allow you to book your bike on in advance, normally for a fee; others carry bikes for free, but may not have space on the day.

Note: the transport costs of your own bike are at your own account.

6. I'd like to come with my wife / girlfriend (or husband / boyfriend), but she (/ he) will not cycle, is this possible too?

Of course this is possible. You can come together, where she (/ he) will pay € 150 for a week and € 75 for a weekend package. In the area of Granada, there are a lot of interesting things to see and do for your partner, while you are enjoying cycling (just to name a few: the lovely beach is half an hour away, and the city of Granada is perfect for strolls and shopping). If doubts send us an email.


Send us an email

Or call +34 603423405.

"Spain is a cycling country par excellence, culminating in the annual Vuelta á España. Every day you see groups of cyclists passing in this area, not surprising with such a natural beauty around you, challenging ascents within reach and good quiet roads. In short, the ideal place to have your Road Cycling Holiday in Spain. See you soon here. You will love it!"

In case of questions, please contact Albert via email: [email protected].

Happy biking!